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Electric powered
2K dispenser gun

For accurate and consistent dosing

2K Dosierpistole mit Kartuschen 400ml und 200ml

Media with high viscosity
easy to dose

The e-dispenser offers an innovative solution for fast and precise dosing applications from double cartridges in volume 200ml400ml2x290ml and Euro cartridge 310 ml.
With its ergonomic design and user-friendly operation, the e-dispenser is the perfect choice for professional and industrial  applications.

In order to achieve the necessary flexibility, the four different cartridge types: M1:1, M2:1, M4:1 and M10:1 can be exchanged quickly and easily in the cartridge holder.

The hand gun is your perfect solution for cost-effective dispensing. With the e-dispenser you get an efficient and professional solution for your dosing requirements.

e -dispenser

The dosing gun e-dispenser is a manual gun with electric drive. The uniform movement of the material pistons ensures volume-accurate dosing. The linear movement takes place via a ball screw. This creates the power and precision of the e -dispenser. 

Pressure / time-controlled systems are increasingly being replaced by volume dispensers, even with dispensing guns. That's why we developed the e-dispenser. In a further development phase, the manual gun will be able to call up data via WLAN or save dosing data in a database. 

The dosing gun e -dispenser is a product of axiss GmbH.

Various volume-accurate dosing heads for 1K and 2K materials have been developed. These have been designed for installation in machines. The e-dispenser is a hand-held device built from 20 years of experience in dosing technology.

Dosing gun


The motor and the mechanics can generate a force of up to 5000 N. This means that media with very high viscosities can be dosed without any problems.


Due to the special mechanical translation, small amounts can be dosed with high volume accuracy. An automatic retraction prevents overrun.


The drive consists of a geared motor with encoder. This achieves a uniform movement over the entire length of the cartridge. An overload is detected by the encoder.

Consulting is important

The dosing material and the application should be discussed in advance with axiss. We also offer our customers preliminary tests.
During these tests, the properties of the dosing material are checked using static mixing and a dispensing is done with the quantity specified by the customer. The tolerance and the dosing time are checked by 20 times weighing.

Dosierpistole Video
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