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Material pressure container

Our material pressure tanks are suitable for low to medium-viscosity liquids. It can be taken from a wide variety of containers: cans , buckets , canisters and others. These can be placed in the container. The material outlet (lance) in the container lid  is immersed in the material. Excess air can be released from the lance via a vent valve.

To start, the lid is screwed onto the container and pressurized with compressed air. The material pressure in the container and in the material hose to the dosing head can be adjusted with a pressure regulator.

An ultrasonic sensor mounted in the lid detects the filling level. If the container is empty, a 24V signal is output: "Material container empty".
The operator then opens a vent valve to be able to open the lid. 

9060 Material pressure container

9060 Material pressure container MDG

Pressure container with removable lid.

4, 8, 12 and 24-litre capacity.

9502 Material pressure container 20L

9502 Material pressure container 20L

Container emptying / Emptying system
for Hobbock 20L .
Low to high viscosity dosing media.

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