Process monitoring

Waage Dosiersysteme

1523 Needle sensor

The needle sensor is used for automatic measurement of the dispensing needle in
X, Y, and Z. 

After measuring the needle, "DiSoft"-Software executes an offset-correction.

1201 Kamerasystem  Dosiersysteme_edited.jpg

1230 Camera system

The NET iCube USB camera system is used for quality control and / or as a "teach" aid for creating dispensing programs.
Optionally with integrated LED light ring for better illumination of the monitored area.

Disoft Datenbank-min.jpg

0030 Database dosing parameters

A database can be created as Daten.csv. This includes the date, time and dosing parameters of each dose. The file is created automatically if it is deleted. This means that every dosage of a component is automatically documented.
The individual data can be set up customer-specifically.


7006 Temperature-/ Humidity sensor

High-precision humidity- and temperature sensor
with USB connection in a black plastic housing.
Suitable for Windows and Linux.
Program interface for easy integration into DiSoft software.


1528 Height sensor

Optical height and distance meter.
Scanning of the component height. 
Set 0-position, calculation of the new dispensing level.
Automatic compensation of needle tip or dispensing height.
Evaluation via DiSoft software.
Mounting on the Z-axis