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Dosing accessories


1523 Needle sensor

The needle sensor is used to automatically measure the dispensing needle in X, Y and Z.
Needle diameters from 0.4 mm to 5 mm are detected via 2 class 2 laser sensors.
After measuring the needle, the software DiSoft  performed an offset correction in the dosing program.


2510 Purging unit

Flushing system rotating automatically. Cup made of Delrin, capacity 100ml, is placed in a magnetic holder in the device and can be easily exchanged. If the dosing needle is wiped off the edge of the flushing tank, the tank rotates by 3.6°. 
The needle sensor measures the position of the needle. The machine options rinsing system and needle sensor are offered as one unit for reasons of space.


3022 Substructure/Lifting table

Electrically operated base / lifting table for ergonomic work on axiss dosing systems.

Seated or standing positions adjustable.

Operation via keypad.

Suitable for Dispensmove 100-300.

2350 Ventilaufnahme_3Kopf

2350 3-part slot Z-axis

Recording for 3 valve heads on the z-axis
(e.g. plasma nozzle, gear pump, vacuum suction cup)

Individually controllable via the DiSoft software. Automatic position detection of the 3 dosing valves.
The active metering valve is moved down via a pneumatic cylinder. 


1701 Interface card

The interface card gives you the option of connecting 12 inputs and 12 outputs via terminals. The supply voltage 24V and GND is available for each of the 12 inputs.

The cards are suitable for installation in a control cabinet.


7025 Barcode scanner

Code reader with auto focus function.
Reading of codes up to 1 meter away.
Automatic setting of exposure time, filter and other parameters.
Automatic polarization filter control for stable reading of marked 2D codes (DPM) on components.

Drehachse für Dosieranlage axiss

1311 Pan rotation axis

Automatic application of adhesives and sealants. Programmable via DiSoft or with external control.
Circular dosing of liquid media up to 359°.

Mechanism to pivot valve vertically.
Valve holder can be loaded up to 2 kg.

handscanner Dosieranlage axiss

7026 Handscanner

2D/3D handheld code scanner Reading out various adhesive parameters such as e.g. B. Adhesive type, material number, expiration date.
The data obtained in this way can be saved in a CSV file  on the PC. As a result, production data is documented with the date and time.

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