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Shut-off valve and
Mixing tube heating

To achieve a clean shut-off at the dosing end and to ensure reliable dosing regardless of ambient temperature, we have developed the shut-off valve and mixer heater. 
These solutions enable accurate and cost effective dispensing while ensuring material viscosity remains constant in different environments.

Ventil zum Verhindern des Nachtropfens von 2K Material

4385 Shut-off valve

Prevents dripping of 2K material
in the mixing tube after dosing

In the case of low to medium viscosity and non-thixotropic media, simple piston retraction is often not enough to prevent dripping. This is where our shut-off valve comes in: It seals the outlet of the mixing tube via a small stopcock, ensuring a clean dosing process with no unwanted dripping.

The stopcock is controlled by a small digital servomotor.

The shut-off valve automatically closes the mixing tube at the end of the dosing cycle. The control is either managed by the Dispensmove dosing machine or by the 4480 control unit.

The stopcock is a consumable and is installed in the shut-off valve. It is replaced together with the mixing nozzle.

5032 Mixing tube heater

In order to reduce the influence of different ambient temperatures on the adhesive

In the case of 2-component materials, we do not heat the 2-component cartridges, but the mixing tube. This ensures that only the mixing material that has just been dispensed is heated. Permanent heating of the material is avoided. Some adhesives react sensitively to heat and therefore change their curing time. They harden increasingly with prolonged heating.

As the mixer offers greater resistance, it is more effective to reduce the viscosity there using heat. The mixing tube heater acts like a small instantaneous water heater, heating only the adhesive being dispensed.

The mixing tube heater consists of a heating element that is pushed over the round mixing tubr and fixed in place with a knurled screw.
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