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axiss Dosiertechnik

Dosing systems
for 1- and 2-components

  • Dosing machines and dosing valves for your individual needs.

  • Semi- and fully automatic dosing systems.

  • Handheld and stand-alone dosing solutions.

  • All-in-One Solutions.

Dispensmove 310

Machine frame made of steel construction

Dynamic 3-axis system 

Extended front area

axiss Dosiertechnik

Dosing systems for a wide range of applications with material-specific customisation, high dosing accuracy and simple integration, operation and maintenance.

Dosing systems

Dosing systems for 1- & 2-component for bonding, sealing and potting

At axiss, we configure individual dispensing machines based on pre-developed  components, exactly according to the requirements of our customers. Whether semi- or fully automated, our systems can be easily embedded into your production lines.

Our dosing systems usually consist of three key components:
dosing machine, the dosing valve and the container emptying system.

These components are available for purchase as a complete system or separately,  allowing easy integration into existing production facilities.

axiss specializes in the production of electrically driven dosing valves and has earned an excellent reputation in the dosing technology industry, especially for dosing from small containers and cartridge dosing systems.

Consulting and 
Preliminary tests

Decades of experience in dosing technology

As a medium-sized company with many years of experience, we take the time to provide you with comprehensive advice and to fully understand your individual product requirements.
In order to optimally evaluate the product requirements in advance, we offer preliminary tests with dosing media and dosing valves in our technical center. Your application and the dosing material you use are carefully tailored to our dosing valves.

Based on this analysis, we offer you a suitable overall system.


Innovative Solutions for Custom Requirements

Our customers are impressed by the simple operation of the DiSoft software. In addition to the basic programming options for points, lines, arcs and contours, we offer extended programming options to ensure an accurate dispensing process.

One of the key advantages is the direct software control of the dosing valve as the 4th axis, eliminating the need for an external control unit.

In the field of ergonomic work, we enable the use of height-adjustable, programmable substructure/ lifting tables user-friendly operation of our dosing machines.

Dosing valves fromaxiss

Electrically powered
for 1K and 2K materials

  • For our dosing machines:
    Our dispensing heads can be interpolated as a fourth axis in our Dispensmove.

  • For robots:
    Communicating with a robot requires the 4480 control.

  • As a standalone system:
    The metering valves can be mounted mechanically on a stand and the start signal can be triggered using the 4480 control and a foot switch.

  • As a handgun:
    For the cartridge sizes 400 ml, 200 ml, 2x290 ml and Euro cartridge 310 ml, it is also available as a hand-held device.

2K Kartuschenpresse

What We Offer

Our Products and Services at a Glance


  • Dosing machines, Standard and customized solutions

  • 1K / 2K dosing valves

  • Container emptying for 310ml to 900ml

  • Pressure tanks in various sizes

  • Dosing accessories

  • Electric hand dispensing gun


  • Individual consultation and support

  • Preliminary tests with provided parts and material

  • Commissioning, maintenance and service

  • Trainings

Dosing technology for
adhesives and sealants

Our upcoming trade shows are a great opportunity to learn more about us, our products and services.

Dosieren von 1K Material mit der Dosiermaschinen von axiss
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