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Dosing technology for adhesives and seals

The dosing systems are flexibly configurable depending on the area of application and can be programmed for different applications

Dosing systems for applying 1K and 2K material for gluing , sealing and potting . According to your requirements, we configure your individual dosing system based on our already developed components. These can also be partially or fully automated or integrated into production lines.

Our dosing systems basically consist of three components, the dosing machine , the dosing valve and the container emptying.

The components can also be purchased individually and integrated into existing systems.
axiss specializes in the manufacture of various electrically driven dispensing valves and has made a name for itself in the industry for dispensing from small containers.  

Proper dosing system - consulting and preliminary tests

As a medium-sized company with many years of experience, we take the time to provide comprehensive advice.
In order to check your requirements in advance, we offer preliminary tests in our technical center. The dosing is checked on your parts with your dosing material for dosing ability and the complete system suitable for this is offered.

Innovative solution in our dosing systems

Our customers are impressed about the easy handling of the DiSoft software. Many additional options can be selected to ensure precise dosing.

A big advantage is the direct control of the dosing valve. Like the axis system, it is controlled directly via the software. Therefore we do not need an external control unit.

Substructure/lifting table Constant improvements of our dosing machines, including mechanical components. 

Products and services

  • Dosing machines, standard and customized

  • 1C / 2C dosing valves

  • Container emptying for 310ml to 900ml

  • Pressure vessels of various sizes

  • Dosing accessories

  • Electric manual dispensing gun

  • Comprehensive and personal consulting as well as support for our clients. 

  • Preliminary tests with provided parts and material

  • Commissioning, maintenance and service

  • User and maintenance training courses on site 

axiss Dosieranlage fuer 1M und 2K

Dispensing systems

2k Dosierventile

 2C dosing valves 

Zahnradpumpe von axiss

1C dosing valves

Behälterentleerung Semco

Emptying systems

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