Dosing systems

Thanks to their mechanics, axiss dosing systems have no moving lines except for the Z-axis cable. Both drive motors in X and Y are permanently installed on a base plate thanks to their special toothed belt guide. The movements are precise and quiet thanks to high-quality linear guides with ball chains. The dosing systems have a very high process reliability and are low-maintenance. You are therefore also in the

Can be used in 3 shifts. The dosing systems have small external dimensions, depending on their work area.

4D dosing systems are also equipped with a rotary axis. This can be mounted on the Z-axis or on the base plate. This allows the dosing head to be rotated or the component to be dosed.

Automatic application of adhesives and sealants. Freely programmable for dosing points, lines, arcs and combinations via PC. Installation of various safety devices is just as possible as integration into an external safety circuit. The machine can be built into existing systems. It is also possible to exchange signals with external controls.

Technical description


  • 3D interpolation of the axes

  • Positioning accuracy in X and Y = 0.1mm in Z = 0.05mm

  • Travel speed up to 200 mm / s

  • Axle load up to 3 kg, optionally up to 7 kg

  • 12 inputs, 12 outputs

  • Programming via DiSoft software

Dispensmove 100

Work area:

(x) 300 (y) 300 (z) 100 mm

Dosiermaschine dispensmove 100 axiss Dosiersysteme

Dispensmove 200

Work area:

(x) 480 (y) 420 (z) 100 mm

Dosiermaschine dispensmove 200 axiss Dosiersysteme

Dispensmove 300

Work area:

(x) 600 (y) 480 (z) 100 mm

Dosiermaschine dispensmove 300 axiss Dosiersysteme

Dispensmove 400

Work area:

(x)1000 (y)1000 (z)200mm

Dosiermaschine dispensmove 400 axiss Dosiersysteme

Dispensmove 700

Work area:

(x)900 (y)600 (z)100 mm

Dosiermaschine dispensmove 700 axiss Dosiersysteme

Dispensmove 900

Work area:

(x)1200 (y)900 (z)100 mm

Dosiermaschine dispensmove 900 axiss Dosiersysteme

Dosing accessories

Accessories for the dosing systems